多样性, 股本 & 包容

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School is cultivating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.

We challenge students to value and celebrate the uniqueness of themselves and others, 因此,他们准备与不同经历和愿望的人互动,准备创造一个公正的社会. We include every individual’s unique voice in safe spaces where one, 在许多, can express who they are with confidence and compassion. 我们致力于建立一个公平的社区,让每个人都有资源说出自己的真相,发挥自己的潜力. 
This is a challenging mission we are committed to continue, because we know that if we work to build a better school, our students will work to build a better world.


  • 多样性

    拉邦盖普对多样性的承诺挑战着我们的教育工作者大家庭,为来自50多个国家的学生创造共同点. 我们正在完善一门课程,帮助受不同制度影响的学生学习如何合作,并将所学应用于影响社会. 我们致力于庆祝每一种文化的丰富性,尊重我们社区中每一个人的经历.  
  • 股本

    我们努力创造一个公平的社会和学术社区,最大限度地发挥个人才能, 技能, and 经验s of each person. 这个过程始于了解个人和群体如何受到个人经历和社会制度的影响. 它的高潮是一个训练有素的个人团队和一种教育方法,为每个学生提供克服个人和系统障碍以实现其潜力所需的工具.
  • 包容

    At Rabun Gap, every voice counts, and every opinion is valued. For diversity to truly matter and 股本 to truly be exercised, everyone must be included in our journey towards excellence. 我们致力于开发和利用必要的工具,为我们社区的每个成员创造空间,以最大限度地发挥他们的能力做出贡献和领导. We believe we can accomplish this in the classroom, 在社区里, 在学者, 艺术, 和体育. Because of our commitment to this type of community, 我们将拥有一个模范的机构,学生们准备进入世界并引领潮流.

DEI in Action at Rabun Gap


  • DEI在学术领域

    我们的教育团队将每一门学科都视为多种文化贡献的总和. 在人文学科, 我们希望我们的学生体验尽可能多的社会视角,我们可以创造时间去探索. We want them to delve into the literature of a multitude of voices. We want them to know the contributions that diverse nations have made to mathematics, 科学, 和技术. 最重要的是, no matter their learning style, 人才, 或技能, 我们希望我们的学生受到我们的启发,展示他们所知道的和他们可以做的事情,而不受肤浅的社会约束.

    We have recruited the academic team that has the education, 经验, and capability to create and deliver such a curriculum. 我们为他们提供培训和自由指导我们的学生,让他们发现一个多样化的世界. 我们挑战我们的团队,继续开发方法,让我们的学生看到世界的真实面貌,我们为我们的社区提供的学术经验感到自豪.
  • DEI入学

    We strive to capture the unique gifts of everyone we engage. This is why we draw students from around the world. Every 经验 is important and every voice is valued. 我们寻求那些想要挑战自己,发现自己内在的伟大并与他人分享的学生. 我们通过创建一个比容忍差异更进一步的社区来实现这一目标. We celebrate that which makes each of us special. 无论你的国籍、种族、宗教或取向如何,我们都会为你创造庆祝的方式.
  • 体育DEI

    我们的足球队、篮球队、足球队、排球队和棒球队的成员来自世界各地. 我们擅长于起源于美国的体育运动,我们在起源于中美洲的体育运动中留下了自己的印记. It does not matter where the sports we play or the students we love had their origin, 我们的教练社区可以培养任何学生的运动能力,并激励他们在他们选择的地方脱颖而出. 我们的目标是以一种认可学生独特能力的方式,最大限度地提高他们的身心能力, builds dynamic teams, and prepares them to reach their full potential. 
  • DEI in 就业

    Rabun Gap Nacoochee School continuously seeks people who are committed to diversity, 股本, and inclusion in every aspect of school life. We want those who want to shape the minds that will one day shape a just world. This is a high calling. 它要求我们努力开发课程,激励我们的学生探索一个多样化的世界. 这对我们提出了挑战,鼓励我们的学生超越肤浅的种族描述, 宗教, 性别, and nationality to build a sense of community with those they engage. 它挑战我们以一种让每个人都感到被重视并激发出他们最好的一面的方式来包容他们. Rabun Gap is leading the way in diversity, 股本, 通过对崇高使命的承诺来实现包容,即打破障碍,培养将使这个世界变得更加美好的领导人. 
  • DEI在艺术

    通过剧院, 电影, 跳舞, 视觉艺术, 和冰斗, our students are given the opportunity to express themselves. 此外, 他们可以通过一群不同的剧作家的生活和文学来表达自己, 艺术家, and choreographers. We don’t limit our students to the creativity of one culture. 我们向他们介绍来自不同背景和经历的人的想象力和创新精神.

Meet the Director of DEI


  • Photo of 梅森 西

    梅森 西 

    Director of 多样性, 股本, and 包容
Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School is a private, coeducational day and boarding school for grades Pre-K through 12. Centrally located between Atlanta, GA, 格林维尔, SC, 和阿什维尔, NC, we prepare young people for college, 职业生涯, and a lifetime of leadership and service.